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308 Chiropractic believes your care should be about you. Wherever you find yourself in life (ages 0-102) Dr. Huffman makes sure to take time and listen to what brings you into his office.  You are more than a number and your condition is as unique as you are. Dr. Huffman knows many adjusting techniques and will be sure to find the one that suits you best whether you are a new born, an athlete, a farmer, retired or somewhere in between. 

It is Dr. Huffman's firm belief that we can accomplish more together than we can apart. He strives to create a working relationship with all the health care providers in the area and is dedicated to creating good relationships with any of your team of caregivers, allowing you to have the most comprehensive care possible.

308 Chiropractic welcomes all new patients. To contact us you can leave us a message, send an email or call 308-777-2476. 308 Chiropractic is located in Elevate wellness, when calling just let the ladies on the phone know you are calling to make an appointment with Dr. Huffman and they will be happy to get you on the schedule and answer any questions.

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